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What’s the Fastest Way to Learn No-Limit Hold'em Poker?


If you’ve been looking for the fastest way to learn poker from the ground up in 2024 and have found this link, consider yourself fortunate. LearnWPT, The Official Poker Training Platform of the World Poker Tour®, has assembled a step-by-step guide to help you get started in no time. If you’re a more seasoned poker player and are looking for the next level strategies that have won more than $60 million dollars, 12 WSOP Bracelets, and 5 WPT Championship Titles, then you’re also in the right place.

We’ve got you covered with expert strategies from some of the most successful players in poker including Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Brian Altman, Tony Dunst, Eric “Rizen” Lynch, Michael “Gags30” Gagliano, Johan Schultz-Pedersen, and Nick Binger.


So no matter if you’re getting ready to play your first hand of No-Limit Hold'em, or sharpening your game to try and finally break through with a victory on the felt, your friends at LearnWPT are here with strategies and training tools that will immediately show results in your poker game.

Find Your Poker Learning Path

The most impactful poker lessons happen during actual game play, however it can take several hands to accurately assess what stage a player is at their development. LearnWPT has developed a short quiz that will pinpoint your specific level of knowledge and deliver only the content that you need to start improving your poker play fast.

Take the below Quiz and find out where to begin your study...

If you are new to No-Limit Hold'em watch LearnWPT Quick Start to learn the basic rules and see how a hand is played including the Blinds, Betting Rounds, Hand Rankings, and more!

Join for just $5 your 1st month of Membership and get started on your path to improvement!

Organize Your Poker Training

Now that you’ve discovered your starting point to learn and improve at poker, it’s time to organize your training assets and get on a study schedule. Depending on your goals as a player, you may want to study at least 3 days a week for a minimum of one hour per session when you first start learning a new poker strategy. The more ambitious your goal (for example, become a WPT Champion in 6 months), the more frequently you should study.

After you’ve identified your goals and outlined a general plan, it’s crucial to schedule your training sessions at times where it’s most convenient for you and any study partners. It’s often best to leave at least a few hours between poker study and play sessions to allow yourself a transition from study mode into execution mode.

If you’ve struggled with optimizing poker study sessions and maintaining momentum due to challenging personal schedules, you’ll also need a tool that helps organize and track your progress.


The LearnWPT online platform features a personalized and customizable training dashboard that delivers content from our strategy video library featuring 500+ Episodes, in a stream based on your specific Learning Path and current progress, plus offers an at a glance view of Ask A Pro forum activity and scoring history on the WPT GTO Trainer.


The ability to organize and schedule your poker training on an easy to use platform with best in class technology is ideal for staying flexible and finding the time to fit in study sessions on busy days.

Get Your Poker Play Reviewed By An Expert

There are many factors to consider when analyzing a specific poker hand. A skilled poker coach has the proven fundamentals and decision making process to determine what is the most crucial to focus on when providing strategic feedback. The ability to consistently follow a process for reviewing play and recommending concrete steps for improvement based on proven strategy are desired traits when looking for a subject matter expert to accelerate your learning.

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to find trusted resources when it comes to getting direct feedback on poker strategy, and it’s often a challenge to receive timely responses to your poker questions given crazy schedules kept by many poker professionals.


It can also be very cumbersome to track hand history details and capture all the necessary information from your poker play to accurately recount your trouble spots from a session. Often players struggle with recalling all of the specific details that are essential to correctly training and learning poker.

To make it easier for everyone to get strategy advice and direct feedback on their poker play, the Team at LearnWPT provides immediate access to experienced poker champions who are also expert teachers through a streamlined tool that helps you accurately record and store hands you play for analysis.


With the Ask a Pro Forums and the Hand Input Tool (HIT), you can quickly capture and share replays from hands you played directly to the Pros of Team LearnWPT and get timely and detailed strategic guidance to reinforce good habits while plugging your biggest leaks.

Join for $5 your 1st month of Membership to record hands and send them to our Pros for analysis!

Practice Playing Poker As Often As You Can

We’ve mentioned it a few times in this article already, but it’s crucial to understand that the only way to actually test new skills you are learning is to play hands of poker. The speed of growth in a poker player's learning curve is often directly correlated to their ability to test new theories rapidly through execution and get immediate feedback from opponents.

For the majority of poker players there is a huge challenge in playing enough volume to reinforce new concepts and develop the real time feeling of responding to an opponent with advanced plays. The size of your bankroll is also a big factor in the ability to play a large quantity of poker sessions in order to perfect new strategies.


In order to accelerate your learning and close the experience gap fast, it’s recommended to use one of the many programs that allow poker players to train simulated No-Limit Texas Hold'em hands for practice. One of the most comprehensive and advanced options on the market, The WPT GTO Trainer, is a specialized poker training tool that is exclusive to the LearnWPT platform.


With the WPT GTO Trainer you can practice cash game, tournament, 6-max, final table ICM, and heads up scenarios vs a computerized opponent who is programmed to respond with the correct strategy for each decision point.

As an added feature, Members can share hands directly from the WPT GTO Trainer session summary to the Ask A Pro forum for detailed analysis and strategic explanation of the specific spots they are practicing. Ready to give it a try?


Decision Point: In a Tournament with 50 big blind stacks you open raise to 2.5BBs from Middle Position and the Big Blind calls.

Now it’s time to test your skills from this spot and play a FREE sample of 5 tournament hands in the WPT GTO Trainer.

LearnWPT Members can play more poker hands from this common MTT spot with the MP2 Open Vs Big Blind Call WPT GTO Trainer pack.

Here are some tips when practicing with the WPT GTO Trainer:

  • Your goal is to select the action for each individual hand that is as close to 0.00 EV as possible
  • EV Loss of 0.00 is the same action a GTO Player would take
  • 0.00 EV Loss means you broke even against a GTO Player
  • EV Loss Color Coding Hint:
    • Green = Near GTO Play
    • Orange = Take Caution
    • Red = Probable Leak in Your Game
  • Questions on why a specific play was not preferred? Share the hand to the Pros for analysis directly from your Session Summary Dashboard!

Not a Member? Join for just $5 your first month to play more WPT GTO Trainer scenarios like this.

Train The Mental Game

Learning strategic maneuvers and the specific mathematics that govern optimal decision making in a hand of No-Limit Hold’em is only the starting point to training your poker game for peak performance. Due to the statistical variance in No-Limit Hold’em poker you will face your fair share of bad beats (when an underdog beats a favorite) and have to deal with the emotional swings that occur from frustration, disappointment, and anger related to losing.


The world’s best poker players recognize that knowledge is only half the battle. Without the ability to execute and make complex decisions in a short amount of time with real money on the line, knowledge is reduced to trivia. The process of training your Mental Game is not that much different than training poker strategy, and there are proven strategies for reducing the effects of strong emotions on your decision making during play.

LearnWPT Mental Game Coach Jared Tendler is both a pioneer and innovator in the study of Mental Game training for poker players. His video Strategy Episodes on LearnWPT outline the causes of Mental Game errors and provide step-by-step instructions for proactively nurturing your emotions and stress levels before play.


If you are preparing to play a major tournament series it’s also essential to prepare your Mental Game for the rigors of long hours and less than favorable run outs.

Jared Tendler has used his expertise to create a proven process to prepare for these intense stretches of poker with his turnkey course Mental Game Up Tune Up for Tournament Poker.

Commit to A Cycle of Constant Improvement

Focusing your attention on a goal in poker requires an understanding of how poker results don’t always line up with your study efforts due to variance. Your edge as a poker player is based on statistical probability over the long-term, which essentially means millions of poker hands. To make big gains in your poker playing ability you’ll need to trust the process and commit to a cycle of constant improvement, pledging to get better by at least 1% every day.

Committing to a cycle of constant improvement has huge benefits for your poker game, as you’ll focus on improving your worst and enhancing your best a little bit at a time. You’ll also likely see more benefits in other areas of your life, as you strive to eliminate nagging errors and upgrade your overall decision-making skills.

WPT Commentator, WPT Champion, and LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst knows what it takes to battle and win against the best poker players on the planet. In his Strategy Episode on the difference between the Amateur and Pro mentality, he breaks down the key traits of a poker pro and illustrates how their mindset leads to breaking through for big gains at the table.


🎯 The fastest way to learn poker is to adopt a system used by proven winners who know how to accelerate your learning through targeting training and a continuous feedback loop. To make the most of your journey playing poker, and to have more fun at the table, it’s important to identify your goals and work towards them in a supportive community of subject matter experts.

Organizing your poker training content and scheduling study sessions can be challenging both for you and any study partners. Choosing a platform designed specifically to help you learn and grow as a poker player is ideal for improving your play fast. You don’t want to waste valuable time trying to plan your study sessions or figure out what content you should be watching.

Practice makes perfect, and it’s even more important to get in a large volume of hands when learning new concepts. You need a training tool that uses Game Theory Optimal Outputs and provides immediate feedback for your poker decisions, including for all different types of games and situations.

✅ Finally, it’s crucial to surround yourself with poker players and coaches who are knowledgeable in strategy and adept at teaching poker to students of all experience and skill levels. You need direct access to skilled poker players who have proven their worth at the table in order to really advance your poker education. It’s also essential to have tools built specifically for poker training that are designed to work together as a system and help you be as efficient as possible with our study time away from the felt.

We hope you enjoyed this handy guide to give the Fastest Way to Learn Poker, no matter if you are just finding the game or if you’ve played your fair share of No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

If you’re ready to take the next step and start your poker training program with a trusted ally, sign up for your first month of and train with the pros for just $5!

Have Questions? Contact our support team at [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Train - Play - Think Like a Pro!

Prepare for The WPT® World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas with LearnWPT!

WPT Championship at Wynn Las Vegas 2023

Photo credit: Drew Amato

📚 Poker Study Sessions With Team LearnWPT!

Over the last 2 months Team LearnWPT hosted Study Sessions for Members to get their game ready to dominate the 2023 WPT® World Championship Festival at Wynn Las Vegas this December.

For each poker Study Session we provide Members with a curated curriculum that features Strategy Episodes, WPT GTO Trainer packs, and downloadable tools that are focused on specific concepts and habits essential for tournament success. Team LearnWPT also conducted LIVE Member-only sessions to focus on key strategy concepts for each topic and answer questions.

A huge THANK YOU to every Student who’s joined us for the WPT World Championship Study Sessions. Members can rewatch the sessions anytime from the Webinars Dashboard.

Not a Member but want to watch all 6 Live Study Sessions? Join for just $5 your first month of LearnWPT Membership!

We’re in the home stretch now! LearnWPT Members - make sure to submit any questions or hands on trouble spots to Ask a Pro and we’ll get you ready to conquer Vegas!

Good luck and good playing,
-Team LearnWPT

Review Previous Poker Study Sessions!


➧ Study Session 6: Exploits and Intuition - A common trait shared by most successful tournament players is the ability to identify when an opponent is making an obvious mistake and knowing when to shift gears and use Exploits to maximize their edge. Live with Michael "Gags30 Gagliano and Eric "Rizen" Lynch: Tuesday, November 28th 6PM ET | 3PM PT

Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Intuition & Exploits Strategy Curriculum


➧ Study Session 5: ICM, Bubble and Satellite Strategy - Tournaments have specific inflection points where the threat of elimination plays a large role in shaping decisions. Bubble, ICM, and Satellite Strategy are critical areas of study to make big scores and win seats to high buy-in events for small investments. Live with Eric "Rizen" Lynch: and Adrian Naggy: Wednesday, November 15th 6PM ET | 3PM PT

Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Satellite, ICM, and Bubble Strategy Curriculum


➧ Study Session 4: Postflop Considerations - Deeper stacked poker tournaments feature more decision points and create tougher Postflop Considerations. Understanding how board texture and ranges interact will have a big impact in your ability to win uncontested pots. Live with Michael "Gags30 Gagliano and Eric "Rizen" Lynch: Wednesday, November 1st 6PM ET | 3PM PT

Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Postflop Strategy Study Curriculum


Study Session 3: Defense Strategy - Blind and Button Defense Strategy in a poker tournament all have unique considerations and hand range constructions that help target specific opponents in position and develop criteria for check-raising frequent c-bettors. Live with Michael "Gags30 Gagliano and Eric "Rizen" Lynch: Thursday, October 19th 6PM ET | 3PM PT

Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
Click to Review the Defense Strategy Study Curriculum


Study Session 2: Preflop Strategy - Knowing how and when to make moves preflop is one of the keys to getting a hold of chips in a poker tournament. Understanding how to adjust for specific stack sizes and positions will give you opportunities to exert a skill edge. Live with Michael "Gags30 Gagliano and Eric "Rizen" Lynch: Wednesday, October 11th 6PM ET

• Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
• Click to Review the Preflop Strategy Study Session Curriculum


Study Session 1: Mental Game and Endurance - Many players ignore Mental Game issues that prevent growth in their game including fear, anger, and frustration. Building Endurance through exercise, rest, and nutrition is key to excelling during a long tournament series.
Live Session with Jared Tendler: Tuesday, Sept 26th 7PM ET

• Click to Watch the Live Study Session Replay
• Click to Review the Mental Game Study Session Curriculum

2023 WPT 🌎 Championship at Wynn Las Vegas Guarantees Record $40 Million Prize Pool!

The 2023 WPT® World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas is taking poker to new heights with poker’s first $40,000,000 guaranteed prize pool – the largest single live tournament guarantee in the history of poker.

The WPT® World Championship Festival at Wynn Las Vegas runs November 29 - December 23, 2023. The marquee event of the multi-tournament festival will be the $10,400 buy-in Championship Event.

Are you ready to be part of history?

The festival kicks off with a $1 million guaranteed, $600 No Limit Hold’em multi-flight tournament followed by player favorites including the $250,000 guaranteed WPT® Ladies World Championship, $5 Million Guaranteed WPT® Prime Championship, the ever-popular Mystery Bounty featuring a $2 Million guarantee, a Seniors Championship (50+) and a $10,000 buy-in Seniors High Roller.

Multiple mixed game tournaments are also available throughout the festival, ranging from the $1,100 HORSE Championship to a brand-new addition to the schedule, a $3,000 Dealer’s Choice Championship.

Click here to view the complete 2023 WPT® World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas Festival schedule or visit and for more details.

Improve Your Game With Team LearnWPT

The time is NOW to start getting your poker game ready!

Whether you are brand-new to poker training or you’re an experienced student this is your chance to learn from world-class professional poker players and teachers in a friendly community using state-of-the-art tools.

LearnWPT-Team-Instructors-dark (2)

You must be a LearnWPT Member to access and join the WPT® World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas Study Sessions and becoming a Member is easy! Click the red JOIN NOW button to get started.

As a Member you'll immediately gain access to LearnWPT Training and WPT GTO Trainer packs, featuring an on-demand library of 500+ Strategy Videos, Downloadable Tools (and more).

You'll also get alerts and links to the Study Session curriculum, Live Webinar dates, and upcoming Sessions.

We'll see you online,
-Team LearnWPT

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Train → Play → Think → Like a Pro

Have Questions about LearnWPT? Send an email to our Support Team at [email protected] or click the red CONTACT US button.

What’s the Best Way To Study so You Can Play Better Poker?


We are changing the way LearnWPT Members learn, study, and analyze their stats... all from YOUR Personalized Training Dashboard!

Your LearnWPT Dashboard is designed to put you on a specific learning path tailored to your current poker knowledge, track your recent poker training activity for quick reference, and display your complete statistical history as a Member. Everything you need to review for efficient poker study is in 1 spot.

LearnWPT Poker Learning Paths

Not sure where to start your training? Take the Learning Path Quiz, pick the answer that most closely describes your current poker knowledge, and the results will reveal which Path is right for you.

LearnWPT-Path-Quiz v2

The LearnWPT Poker Training Curriculum gives players of all skill levels content tailored to their areas of need and is divided into four Learning Paths (Quick Start for beginners, Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced). Each Learning Path is created as a cohesive system that builds on the lessons of  the previous, allowing poker players of all skill levels to grow and learn strategy at their own pace.

Quick Start For Beginners

Totally new to No-Limit Hold’em? We’ll give you a quick primer on poker including everything you need to jump into the action and start having fun.

What you’ll learn:

How the Game Works
Simple Rules
Hand Rankings (what beats what?)
When and How Much to Bet

Foundation Learning Path

The Foundation Curriculum provides the rock solid base for winning play and introduces critical concepts essential to advancing your poker strategy. New Members should start on the path to improvement by first viewing the Foundation Episodes.

What you'll learn:

How to Think in Terms of Hand Ranges
Betting Strategy Including Proper Sizing
When and Why You Should Bluff
Using Aggression to Win Uncontested Pots

learnwpt-learning-path-images-with border

Intermediate Learning Path

The Intermediate Curriculum utilizes the framework for making situational adjustments and responding to better opponents effectively, giving you the tools for consistent results. Expand on the framework you built in the Foundation path and start elevating your game to become a more dynamic and feared opponent.

What you'll learn:

How to Exploit Specific Opponents
Combinatorics and Equity Calculation
Advanced Defense and C-Betting Strategies
Game Theory Optimal Strategy

Advanced Learning Path

The Advanced Curriculum gives you direct access to the decision making and poker training habits that power the highest earning and most consistent players in the game. The concepts and processes shared here can turn you into a world-class poker player capable of holding your own against top Pros.

What you’ll learn:

Using Game Theory Optimal Strategy
Adjusting Ranges for ICM Considerations
Randomizing and Range Balancing
Championship Mental Game Strategy

It’s never been easier to work on the critical mistakes in your game and get feedback from winning professionals and world class poker players, all on your own time.

Build this simple process into your poker study routine and before you know it, you’ll be leveling up!

View Your Strategy Episodes

After taking the poker Learning Path Quiz we'll present you with Strategy Episodes based on your specific curriculum. For each Learning Path, Episodes are presented in a videostream in the Now Playing window and the videos are delivered in chronological order for each Path.


Each day when you resume training, the Dashboard will automatically serve the next unwatched Episode in your chosen Learning Path. Once you’ve finished watching all of the Episodes in a Learning Path you'll automatically advance to the next path.

IMPORTANT: If you did not take the Learning Path Quiz you'll default to the Foundation Learning Path.

To make sure you’ve got plenty of variety in your training sessions, the Featured Video and Newly Released sections will keep you engaged and motivated to continue improving.

Tip: Click the ⭐ icon to save an Episode to your Favorites library to rewatch later and view in your My Stats section.


To view the full listing of 500+ videos from the Dashboard at any time just click the Strategy Episodes Library link or EPISODES in the top navigation bar or via the mobile menu.

From the complete library of Episodes you can use the Refine Filters to take a deeper dive into a specific subject and streamline content quickly by learning path, instructor, video type and more.

What LearnWPT Is Up To

From the LearnWPT Dashboard find out what's happening in the WPT universe including upcoming poker tournaments and more!


We'll keep Members notified on next On Tour spots, upcoming Live Workshop, what's popular with Members, when our Pros and Students achieve success, strategy tips, and brand-new features.

What You've Been Up To

From the LearnWPT Dashboard Members get a complete snapshot of what they've recently watched, favorite episodes, discussions between their peers and Team LearnWPT in the Forums, and recent WPT GTO Trainer training sessions - all in 1 spot!


In the MY STATS section Members get a complete history of their training and milestones reached with their LearnWPT Membership. This section includes the number of Episodes watched in their Learning Path & overall, total GTO Trainer hands played, best EV score, and more.


Set Goals and Track Your Progress - all in one location!

So How Do You Get Started On YOUR Path?

Follow these five easy steps and get on the path to playing better poker fast from any device at any time with the convenience of a LearnWPT Membership!

  1. Join ($5 your 1st month - upgrade anytime)
  2. Take the Quiz and start on your Learning Path
  3. Watch your selected Next Strategy Episode on the Dashboard
  4. Drill and Play 25 hands a day on the WPT GTO Trainer
  5. Ask questions and share hands in the Ask a Pro Forums

Already a Member? Login and you'll be directed to Your Dashboard.

Not a Member? Get get started today by clicking the button below ⤵

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Support Team and we will be happy to help.

Good luck and good playing,
-Team LearnWPT

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Does Studying Poker Really Help Your Game? (Just Ask Tony...)

Tony TOC final table heads-up - optmizd.jpg

Making a commitment to study poker seems silly to some people.

In fact, I am sure you’ve often heard it from friends, co-workers, and family members: “Poker is gambling and at the end of the day, you need to be lucky to win at gambling”.

The next time you hear this all too familiar refrain, show them to this tweet from LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst...

However, shaping yourself into an elite and skilled poker player requires you to be open to learning, to be eager to improve, and to be dedicated to staying on the top of your game.

Tony Dunst, LearnWPT Instructor, WPT commentator, WPT Champion, 2x WSOP Bracelet Winner, and WSOP Circuit Ring winner, with more than $4 Million in live poker tournament winnings, is here to provide you with exclusive access to winning cash game and poker tournament strategies, detailed poker hand analysis and how to think through every street, GTO play, adjusting for known opponent tendencies, and what it takes to play On Tour.

There's no denying Tony’s resume as a world-class player, and he’s dedicated to improvement through his own study and collaboration with close friend and fellow LearnWPT Instructor Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger.

So, you should take this world-class player’s example and start your study plan today with a $5 first month membership to

In his video Strategy Episodes, Tony focuses on:

➧ Key aspects of playing better poker including betting decisions under ICM pressure

➧ Advanced strategies that professional poker players use to adjust when big money is on the line

➧ Maintaining focus to be ready to play your A-game in crucial times

➧ How to target common leaks in your opponents

➧ Key study techniques Pros use to keep at the top of the game

➧ Optimal strategies for playing postflop after 3-betting preflop

➧ Answering questions from LearnWPT members

Get unfettered access to hear Tony review hands and outline his approach to staying mentally and physically fit for poker, reveal his top 10 player notes he takes during sessions, compare the mindset of a professional poker player vs a recreational player and provide key adjustments for transitioning from making deep runs to winning tournaments.

To give you some extra motivation and show you how dedication to study helped Tony have one of his best years ever as a Pro, you'll get exclusive access to Tony’s Strategy Episodes (48 videos!) as part of your $5 First Month Membership to


Join today and get started on proving all the doubters wrong and get on a path to constant improvement (like Tony did!).

As part of your $5 First month membership, you’ll get access to a Strategy Episode where Tony discusses 4 recent hands he played from a $1000 buy-in online final table.

Watch this Episode To Learn Critical Strategies For:
3-betting with pocket jacks when ICM Is in play
Continuation bet sizing to target specific stacks
Knowing when to get away from your hand vs a turn lead
How to react when your opponent leads on the river

In another episode, Tony focuses on physical fitness and how it can affect your poker performance, providing you with tips on how to use a healthy lifestyle to increase performance and stamina.

Being attentive to the energy consumed vs. energy expended, employing daily caloric calculators, and learning how to play your best depending on your diet are just some of the things that Tony touches upon in this episode. As physical fitness is essential for prolonged focus during sessions full of long hours, it is important to use increased focus to your advantage and to stay present and avoid auto piloting. You should also choose a key phrase to help you stay mindful and reset your state after losing a big pot, and use mental fitness to equip you with better mistake recognition strategies.

Follow Tony’s example and start your study plan today with a $5 first Month Membership to You'll get exclusive access to Tony’s library of Strategy Episodes (48 videos) as part of your $5 First Month Membership to

What Else Do You Get With a $5 First Month Membership?


  • The WPT GTO Trainer to play real solved hands and get instant feedback on YOUR leaks (over 4 BILLION solved spots!)
  • On-demand access to our full library of 500+ (and growing) in-depth Strategy Episodes from world-class players
  • All of your poker questions answered with the Ask a Pro Feature
  • Expert analysis from LearnWPT Pros using The Hand Input Tool
  • Downloadable Tools you can use at and away from the tables
  • Learn from a Team of world-class Professional Players and Instructors


It'll be the best $5 investment you can make to get on the road to poker success!

Study hard and play well,

New LearnWPT Events Page!

📍 Where will the next WPT Main Tour Event take place?
💻 When will the next online series from partypoker begin?
📢 What are the latest features and training tools from LearnWPT?
🌎 How can you find everything going on in the WPT Universe?

We've got you covered...

Check out our new Events Page created to help you easily find information for upcoming poker tournaments and happenings from the World Poker Tour, LearnWPT, and our partners!


To view the calendar of events click EVENTS in the footer, save and add to your favorites, or subscribe to the calendar to have the events added to your existing calendar format.

New poker tournaments and events will be added weekly to the events page so be sure to check back regularly.

At LearnWPT we love adding new features like the events page to help our poker students improve and we can't wait to show you what we are working on next!

- Team LearnWPT

Improve Your Game Today!
Join LearnWPT and Get:


  • The WPT GTO Trainer to play real solved hands and get instant feedback on YOUR leaks (over 4 BILLION solved spots!)
  • On-demand access to our full library of 500+ in-depth Strategy Episodes
  • All of your poker questions answered with the Ask a Pro Feature
  • Expert analysis from LearnWPT Pros using The Hand Input Tool
  • Community Forums to discuss all things poker with fellow LearnWPT Members
  • Downloadable Tools you can use at and away from the tables

To join (just $5 your 1st month) click the JOIN NOW button and start improving your game!

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What's New at LearnWPT!

Multiple Devices - Membership Features

We've been very busy lately adding new features and enhancing some of our Member favorites!

Take a look at what we've been working on and what's to come...



Nav bar - Search

Let’s say you’re having trouble playing draws. With Search simply type “draws” in the window and hit enter and you’ll be presented with every piece of content we have created related to draws.

Note: If you are on a mobile device you can find the search icon via the the menu .

Search -Draws

We’ll display your best matches and label them clearly so you know if we recommend a specific Strategy Episode or Community post (WPT GTO Trainer packs results coming soon!) to help you start fixing leaks immediately.

Search is also the place to go for definitions of poker terms and to search specific Strategy Episodes by number.



Get right to the answer you need fast with our easy to use content filter. Quickly find the type of content you are looking for and maximize your study time with a few clicks.

Strategy Episodes

Episodes can now be sorted based on several factors including Skill Level, Game Type, and Strategy. Filter to streamline the videos and focus on the content you want to study.

Episode Sort markedup.png

If you aren’t sure which Learning Path best applies to your Skill Level take this simple quiz below!

Pick the answer that most closely describes your current knowledge and the results will reveal which Learning Path you should start on:

WPT GTO Trainer

All WPT GTO Trainer scenarios are categorized so you can filter for Game Type, Situation, Stack Size, and packs available to you at your current Membership Tier.

Trainer Sort version 2 markedup.png

Remember that when you are training on the WPT GTO Trainer you should be focused on getting as close to 0 EV Loss with each decision you make. Don’t worry about whether or not you win any one particular hand.

This allows you to have a long term mindset towards poker that focuses on the quality of our decisions and not short term results.

You can now view your total number of hands played and total EV loss right on your WPT GTO Trainer Dashboard to see how you are progressing!

Trainer total hands played

Training Tip: Watch the Big Blind Defense Episode 247 Go to the WPT GTO Trainer Choose Tournament & Big Blind Defense using the "What would you like to train today? filter Select a Training Pack and Begin Send Hands to Ask a Pro for Feedback!


Not sure which videos you've not watched, or want to mark your favorites for quick viewing?


Use the Sort By filter to view Episodes by when Created (starting with Episode 1), what you've last watched, what you've not watched, or by your favorites.

Tip: Click the star ⭐ next to an Episode Title to save to your list of Favorites to sort for easy access the next time you train.


Having a trusted source to discuss strategy with is VITAL to your growth. Create that feedback loop with LearnWPT Instructors with the Ask a Pro and the Community Forums.


We've upgraded the layout and added enhanced user notification for Ask A Pro and the Community Forums to make it even easier for Members to submit hands played and get answers from the LearnWPT Pros.

  • Click ASK A PRO to submit your questions directly to the LearnWPT Pros for analysis and feedback
  • Click COMMUNITY for a place to talk all things poker with fellow Members and LearnWPT Pros.

Ask a Pro - Subscribe Posts.png

Tip: Use the enhanced user controls to view your submitted questions only or sort to see all questions answered by the Pros and add a personalized Avatar by clicking MY PROFILE


We can't wait to show you what we are working on next to help improve your experience at LearnWPT.

Stay tuned for more enhancements including a personalized dashboard, GTO stats broken out by cash and tournament, and more.

Have a suggestion or feedback? Email our support team.

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LearnWPT 2023 Year in Review


Our goal for 2023
was to create new ways to help LearnWPT Members improve their poker game, learn, and have fun!

We accomplished that goal by adding new game-elevating features, advanced content, additional ways to interact with our Pros, and more. All with the help of feedback from YOU.

Here’s a Recap of the Best From 2023:



We changed the way LearnWPT Members learn, study, and analyze their stats... all from YOUR Personalized Training Dashboard!

Your LearnWPT Dashboard is designed to put you on a specific learning path and deliver content tailored to your current poker knowledge, track your recent poker training activity for quick reference, plus display your complete statistical history as a Member. Everything you need to review for efficient poker study is in 1 spot.

We added a new COURSES section! Jared Tendler's Mental Game Tune Up for Tournament Poker course is a step-by-step guide to prepare your mental game for sustained success and is ready for purchase. We are excited to announce new courses shortly including a MTT course from Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger!


We’ve loved seeing all the effort you put into becoming a better poker player in 2023. The LearnWPT Community is made up of poker players all across the world that share a love of this great game and we couldn’t be more proud of your dedication.


Here’s a look at some of the impressive training statistics for Members that you’ve contributed to this year. WAY TO GO!

  • Viewed Over 750,000 Minutes of Strategy Videos
  • Tested Your Skills With 50 New Poker Hand Quizzes
  • Voted 85,000+ Times to Fold, Call, Check, or Raise
  • Played Over Half a Million Solved WPT GTO Trainer Hands
  • Received Over 330 Answers to Ask a Pro Questions
  • Submitted 190+ HIT Hands for Analysis
  • Attended Over 850 Minutes of Study Sessions & Webinars

Not a Member but ready to put in the work to improve your game? Just today for just $5 your first month of Membership!


In 2023 we made it a mission to streamline your training and make learning more fun with live streams and structured Study Session Webinars exclusively for Members. Study Sessions are one of our favorite ways to help you prepare to play your best poker and get your A-Game ready for long series events.


Study Sessions & Live Streams

Our team of Instructors conducted Member exclusive live Webinars focused on the essential strategies to crush the WSOP and dominate the record breaking WPT Prime Championship and WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas. In addition to teaching, several Instructors showed their poker knowledge and love for the game during live stream final table coverage of World Poker Tour Events.

It was truly an international year for Team LearnWPT and we love looking back to these exciting Streams & Sessions:

  • LearnWPT On Tour Series Open on ClubWPT Live Stream With Tony Dunst & Adrian Naggy
  • Live Study Session With LuckyChewy & Adrian Naggy
  • Live Mental Game Session With Jared Tendler & Adrian Naggy
  • WSOP Prep Live Webinar With Eric Lynch & Michael Gagliano
  • WPT® Prime Vietnam High Roller Final Table Live Stream With Adrian Naggy & Johan Shultz-Pedersen
  • WPT® Prime Vietnam Main Event Final Table Live Stream With Adrian Naggy & AJ Rudolph
  • 6 Live Study Sessions to Prepare for The WPT® World Championship With Team LearnWPT
  • WPT® Seminole Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open Championship Final Table Live Stream With Adrian Naggy & Matt Savage

Team LearnWPT On Tour With WPT

The action was truly record-breaking this year On Tour with the World Poker Tour once again creating incredible poker experiences at unparalleled destinations on the Main Tour schedule.


From coast to coast Team LearnWPT was on the scene to take part in the poker action and share good times with everyone who joined us on and off the felt. We love every minute we get to spend at these award winning destinations and the amazing staff members who helped create memorable moments in 2023.

Be sure to keep up with where Team LearnWPT will be next by checking the LearnWPT Events page!


The achievements and accolades earned by LearnWPT Students and Instructors on the felt were on full display in 2023 🏆

Whether it's outlasting over 10,000 players in the WPT Prime Championship, huge multi-million dollar scores, WSOP Bracelet wins, deep runs on the EPT, and multiple WPT Final tables, the LearnWPT Family has a lot to celebrate.


During the summer 7 week stretch in Vegas alone LearnWPT Students cashed for over $650,000 and we got to watch another LearnWPT Student take down their 1st Gold Bracelet and.

Here are some 2023 memorable moments for LearnWPT Students:


It’s no coincidence that the Instructors from Team LearnWPT have had a stellar 2023. Their love for poker and commitment to staying on top of the game shows in every Strategy Episode, Live Workshop, and response on the Ask A Pro Forum.

Some of the incredible accolades they achieved in 2023 include:

CONGRATULATIONS and continued success to everyone in 2024!




Once again Team LearnWPT was out in full force providing in-person poker education and training to Students of all skill levels!


The LearnWPT Instructors traveled the country to conduct several Workshop events from free satellite strategy seminars to interactive multi-day training events with lab sessions to kick off the WPT World Championships at Wynn Poker.

We learn so much from interacting with Students and look forward to training with everyone in person in the new year.


We’ve been truly fortunate to have your support and look forward to sharing another year full of passion for poker with you.

To all of our current, former, and future Members - THANK YOU for a great 2023 and for being a part of LearnWPT!

The LearnWPT Development Team is hard at work on several Enhanced Features and we look forward to helping your game grow in 2024.

We'll see you online,
- Team LearnWPT


Train → Play → Think → Like a Pro

We created LearnWPT with the goal to provide a place that empowers players to ask questions, help get them focused, and provide a solid game-plan to bring to the table every time they sit down.

Some of the ways we accomplish this is by:

  • Teaching and presenting examples of proven, winning concepts through our Strategy Episodes (short 10-15 min videos)
  • Having Members Practice, Drill, and Play Hands using the WPT GTO Trainer for instant feedback on their decisions
  • Providing a place where Members can send questions to receive answers and guidance with the Ask a Pro Forums
  • Giving Members the ability to record and send hands they've played to receive expert analysis using the Hand Input Tool

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Word of the Day: Community

com·mu·ni·ty noun /kəˈmyo͞onədē/


  1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
  2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Each of us is part of a particular community, and the importance of belonging to a community of people who share your interests can’t be measured. Every person longs for belonging. We all want to feel that we belong and have a sense of identity with our community, whether it be large or small.

A community can mean so many things depending on how each individual experiences it. People often feel a sense of togetherness and belonging when they are around peers who share similar interests. This feeling often leads to a deeper connection between community members and greater enjoyment of their common interests - in this case, the love of poker!


The best players in the game today share ideas and collaborate with their peers within a trusted poker community to improve their play and elevate their game.

A poker community is a group of people who have come together to have fun learning and improving while supporting each other along the way. The common love of poker and the shared desire to help each other find a way for all members to grow their game in a safe and friendly place is the foundation of a community like ours.

The ability to have a community dedicated to poker where you can share experiences, mistakes, practice with each other and share advice, is just as valuable for the new poker player as it is for the aspiring professionals who are passionate about their game and want to improve it.sharing storie

We know that one of the most challenging aspects of improving your poker game is the feeling of being alone on your journey and not having a team (or, better yet, a community) to support your poker goals.

That's why we created the LearnWPT Community!

The desire for community is universal, and many find their place in groups that share a common passion or idea. There is something extraordinary about being a part of a group of people who share something they feel passionately about.

So, are you playing poker and wondering how being part of a poker community can help you grow and become a better player?

Or, you are already aware of all the benefits but you are not sure how to join and become part of this massive poker family?

No matter where you are in your poker journey, answers to any poker questions you might have can be found on The LearnWPT Community Forums. Our community members ask questions daily and get advice, feedback, and real strategy help they can put into action.

We wanted all LearnWPT Members to have the same positive feedback loop and community with the top pros in the game to help them improve and upgrade their play. The LearnWPT Community we created is a safe place, full of passionate poker players who desire to learn, achieve, and have fun achieving their goals.

The LearnWPT Community forum provides an open platform for poker enthusiasts to engage in deep discussions about all things related to the game. Whether you're looking for help with your strategy or want someone else's take on how they won a hand, there are plenty of poker players just like you waiting here who will be happy (and more than willing) to share their thoughts!

How can YOU benefit from being part of a Community of YOUR peers and Instructors?

For many aspiring players, the path to becoming better at poker begins with understanding just exactly what they can improve. When you are starting on the path to learning poker you will have many questions and most likely you won’t know a person with suitable knowledge to discuss these with you.

Well… do you have questions about your poker game like these:

  • What exactly does the term “straddle” mean and is it profitable in your live $1-2 game?
  • After I raised preflop from the SB I wasn’t sure if the best play here was to continue or just check. See my attached HIT hand. Thanks for any input and thoughts…
  • After downloading the first-in hand range charts, does anyone have tips for memorizing the ranges. Does anyone bring them to the tables with them as a guide?
  • After watching Episode #316 today I have a couple questions related to the second hand played where Nick had JJ…
  • Traveling to Vegas … best place for cash live poker 1/2 or 1/3?

These are just some of the questions Members are asking and getting answers to in The LearnWPT Community Forums.

The LearnWPT Community forums provide a space for members to get feedback, advice, and in-depth strategy help for any poker topics you want to explore. Participate in these discussions and learn new ideas and help your fellow members learn more about poker while growing your own game.


Do you love to talk about all things poker? The LearnWPT community is here for you.

Join in discussions on Cash and Tournament concepts or anything related to this game we love so much in the General Discussion forum.

The Community is a safe place for students of the game to join fellow LearnWPT Members (and our Pros!) to create that loop and:

  • Discuss concepts or issues they are encountering on the path to being a better player. Have you ever tried to learn something but found it difficult? You might be surprised at how many people have had similar experiences.
  • Receive feedback from peers on how they played a hand. Feedback from peers will help you improve your decision-making when playing hands, and it's important to observe the play and analysis to unlock new perspectives in your game plan.
  • Find answers about strategy and concepts they are unsure of. LearnWPT Instructors Eric "Rizen" Lynch and Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger visit the community to answer questions and join Member discussions!
  • Expand their poker feedback loop to develop a continuous process for improvement. The community can help players identify what needs to be improved in their own game and provide valuable feedback and advice on how to make meaningful changes and master their game.
  • Talk all things poker related!

The LearnWPT Community is a great place for professionals to expand their poker feedback loop and develop continuous process improvement through discussion. Post and discuss ideas with other members, or share some of yours! We're excited to hear from you!

Want to learn more about this powerful tool?

Click the button below to watch a special video from Nick Binger as he walks you through this exciting LearnWPT Member Feature.


Tony-Chewy-Brian (1)

P.S. You can submit questions anytime directly to the LearnWPT Instructors Eric “Rizen” Lynch, Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Brian Altman, Michael "Gags30" Gagliano, and Tony Dunst in the Community anytime!


Think Like a Pro

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Train & Explain: A Brand-New Way to Train!

Train and Explain - Vanessa updated.png

We are so excited to introduce the new Train & Explain Episode Series that WE ARE GIVING YOU FREE ACCESS

Members of LearnWPT know the importance of drilling hands using the WPT GTO Trainer and setting up a feedback loop for their game.

With the new transformational Train & Explain Episodes we've combined these two key factors to make learning GTO Strategy fast and easy regardless of your skill level!

Train & Explain Strategy Episodes gives you an exclusive seat behind a LearnWPT Pro for 5 select hands from the WPT GTO Trainer to learn the "why" behind each decision.

And we've added an innovative twist: you'll play the same hands as the LearnWPT Pro for each Episode.

Here’s how it works....

Before the start of each Train & Explain Strategy Episode, you'll be provided a link to an exclusive 5 hand pack from the WPT GTO Trainer to play before watching the analysis.

Select the "Click to Play the Hands Before You Watch" button noted within the video to play the 5 hands.

Trainger gif - text - optmzd.gif

Next, watch the Strategy Episode for a detailed breakdown of each decision point as LearnWPT Lead Instructor Nick Binger (and coming soon from Vanessa Selbst, LuckyChewy, and Tony Dunst!) analyze the same hands you just played.


Hint: After playing the 5 selected hands click the red WATCH NOW button to view the Strategy Episode and go directly to the Pro analysis.

LearnWPT Members can ask questions follow-up questions about a specific decision point or how a hand was played by using the Ask a Pro Feature or Community!

Now it's time for YOU to give it a try....

With our new Train & Explain style of Trainer Pack and Episode, we've created the best way to improve your game in under 20 minutes!

Keep on practicing,

P.S. Play unlimited hands from the WPT GTO Trainer Scenario featured in this Episode with a $5 First Month Member. Click here to learn more about our Membership Tiers.

WPT GTO Trainer: Heads Up Play


Most players don't get the chance to practice heads up play until they are already at the final table battling it out for the title.

Since the majority of the prize pool is at the top, you should be prepared when the big money is on the line.

​That is why we are very excited to announce our brand-new Heads Up tournament scenarios for the WPT GTO Trainer!

Trainer - HU Filter-marked up.png

The new Heads Up scenarios give you the ability to train different stack depths and alternate positions after each hand.

Members can access these scenarios by clicking the filter below "What you would like to train today?", select Heads-Up, and choose from the list of available training scenarios.

Heads Up Training Scenarios are normally only available to Platinum Members. For a limited time we're providing exclusive access to this sample pack for everyone to test their skills by clicking the link below.

Trainer - Play Heads Up Now button.png

The Heads Up scenarios from the WPT GTO Trainer allow you to train and drill millions of hands and learn optimal strategy for heads up play, gain valuable experience, be better prepared, and have the advantage when it matters the most...

Sitting across from your opponent with the title on the line.

Tony TOC final table heads-up - optmizd.jpg

Ready for more?
Join for just $5 your first month of Membership to play more GTO hands (and as often as you like) to find YOUR leaks and start seeing true stats for YOUR play!

Get real time feedback on trouble Spots and Ask the LearnWPT Pros with one click.

P.S. Read more about our Platinum Membership Tier by clicking here.


Train - Play - Think Like a Pro!