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We created LearnWPT to make it as easy as possible for anyone to improve their poker game, on their own time and their own terms. A plan for improvement that includes small, consistent amounts of effort over time is the key factor that most often separates winning pros and students of the game from the average poker player.

And we've made it much easier to improve your No-Limit Texas Hold'em game with our Membership Tier Levels. Choose the LearnWPT Membership to best fit your budget, schedule, and stage in your development as a player (upgrade or cancel at any time).

We've also made it super easy for you to upgrade to the next Tier without waiting for the end of your current term (view your current Membership Tier on your MY ACCOUNT page).

When upgrading your current Subscription Plan to a higher Membership Tier, a prorated credit from your existing plan will be applied to your new plan. You will never lose value by upgrading!

Which LearnWPT.com Membership Tier is Right for YOU?
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LearnWPT.com First Month of Membership


The $5 First Month Membership helps new members fix nagging leaks and craft their own game while learning fundamental strategies. Choose specific game situations that give you the most trouble and get in-depth answers with steps for improvement. Filter for Foundations, Small Stakes, Mid Stakes, or High Stakes curriculum and tailor your training to the areas that need improving the most.

$5 for Your First 30 Days of Membership gives you access to:

At the end of your $5 First Month Membership you will automatically upgrade and unlock full membership benefits (including Member Discounts on LearnWPT Live Workshops and new in-depth strategy content weekly) for just $29 a month.

Upgrade anytime to Gold or Platinum Membership Levels!

LearnWPT.com SILVER Membership


A LearnWPT $29 Monthly Silver Membership or $288 Yearly Silver Membership gives you access to:

LearnWPT.com GOLD Membership


A LearnWPT $59 Monthly Gold Membership or $588 Yearly Gold Membership gives you access to:

Bonus: Gold Members receive Early Access to new Features and Live Training Events!

LearnWPT.com PLATINUM Membership


A LearnWPT $99 Monthly Platinum Membership or $996 Yearly Platinum Membership gives you access to:

Bonus: Platinum Members receive Early Access to new Features and Live Training Events!

Upgrade to any Membership Level from your current tier and a prorated created from your existing plan will be applied to your new play. You will never lose value by upgrading!

Learn More About The Membership Features

We've made it easy for you to watch, train, discuss, study, and improve with these exclusive LearnWPT Membership Features:


  • WPT GTO Trainer: Play real GTO hands online and as often as you like while getting real time feedback on YOUR trouble spots. The WPT GTO Trainer is laser focused on plugging your leaks and training you for peak performance by allowing you to choose the specific situations that give you the most trouble at the table.

  • Strategy Episodes: Videos in short, easy to digest segments (usually 10-15 minutes) that focus on introducing and reinforcing specific aspects of the game plan. Sort Episodes by cash or tournament, concept, learning path, LearnWPT Instructor, last watched, and more!

  • Hand Input Tool (HIT): Hand recording and analysis will make you a better and tougher poker player! Use HIT to record, save, share, and analyze played hands. You can also submit hands you've played for analysis from the LearnWPT Pros.

  • Ask A Pro: Ask any of your poker questions and submit hands that you played to get rapid answers from the LearnWPT Pros.

  • Community Forums: Use the Community Forums to grow your poker family and develop a continuous process for improvement through discussion. The Forums are a safe place to discuss concepts and strategy with LearnWPT Pros and fellow Members.

  • Poker Hands: Review and practice poker hand decision scenarios all in one place. Pick the poker hand you want to review, and see what our Pros would do.

  • Member Download Area: View and download any of the charts, manuals, and guides we’ve discussed in Strategy Episodes to study with on and off the felt.

  • Preferred Pricing on LearnWPT Training Events: Whether you are a tournament or cash game player, attending a Live or Digital Training Event can help transform your game. LearnWPT.com Members save big on these events:

    • 3-Day Digital and 2-Day or 3-Day Live Workshops:
      • Platinum Yearly Members Save $600
      • Silver and Gold Yearly Members Save $500
      • Platinum Monthly Members Save $300
      • Silver and Gold Monthly Members Save $200
    • 2-Day Digital Lab Events:
      • Platinum Yearly Members Save $300
      • Gold Yearly Members Save $200
      • Silver Yearly Members Save $100

Meet The LearnWPT Coaches

Let the LearnWPT Team of Instructors help improve your play and elevate your game:


  • 2x WSOP Bracelet Winner and Lead Instructor for LearnWPT and the World Poker Tour, Nick Binger
  • WSOP Bracelet Winner and WPT Alpha 8 Champion, Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger
  • 3x WSOP Bracelet Winner, WPT Champion, and Commentator for the World Poker Tour, Tony Dunst
  • 3x WPT Champion, historic WPT back to back wins, and the Season XVIII Player of the Year, Brian Altman
  • 3x WSOP Bracelet Winner and the highest earning female player of all time, Vanessa Selbst
  • Acclaimed author with 3 WSOP Final Tables and over 300 online Final Tables, Eric "Rizen" Lynch
  • Acclaimed author, pioneer of Mental Game training, and the official Mental Game Coach of LearnWPT, Jared Tendler
  • 3x WSOP Bracelet Winner, Professional Coach, and partypoker US Network Team Pro, Michael "Gags30" Gagliano
  • Talented strategist and rising star in the poker world, Johan Schultz-Pedersen

Have Questions about LearnWPT? Email our Support Team at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you.

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