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Tony Dunst

Championship Habits Aspire Masterful Poker. With a LearnWPT CHAMP Membership you'll get the strategies, guidance, and in-person support to help play your absolute best. Whether you’re battling on the WPT® Voyage, tackling the WPT® Prime Championship, or going for glory at the WPT® World Championship in Las Vegas our team of experienced educators and state of the art technology are here to help you excel when it matters most. Get your masters degree in tournament strategy from experts including Andrew Lichtenberger, Tony Dunst, Michael Gagliano, Eric Lynch, Nick Binger, Adrian Naggy, and Brian Altman! LearnWPT CHAMP is an exclusive tournament curriculum featuring:

  • Satellite Strategy (Including Milestone)
  • 3-Betting and Postflop Play
  • Button and Big Blind Defense
  • Detailed GTO Response Charts

Watch in-depth video Strategy Episodes from proven poker champions and learn the concepts they use to win consistently, then practice your skills playing hands in the WPT GTO Trainer. Upgrade your game by sharing hands you've played straight to the LearnWPT Pros for Analysis and get direct answers to your toughest poker questions.

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Get immediate access to a supportive community dedicated to helping you perform under pressure when it matters most. Learn directly from poker legends how they consistently make good decisions with big money and the prestige of winning a World Poker Tour® Title on the line. LearnWPT CHAMP includes an exclusive collection of 50 Strategy Episodes and core WPT GTO Trainer Packs to laser focus your tournament poker game. You’ll also have access to the Hand Input Tool to capture and share hands, Webinars, Downloadable Tools, one-click search, and direct access to Team LearnWPT with Ask a Pro.

With LearnWPT CHAMP access you'll:

  • Gain valuable tournament strategies with in-depth video Strategy Episodes
  • Stay sharp by playing solved hands on the WPT GTO Trainer
  • Talk poker and get expert feedback from world-class players

We'll also be there to support you live! LearnWPT CHAMP Members playing on the WPT® Voyage, a WPT® Prime Championship, or The WPT® World Championship will be invited to attend exclusive pre-event Live Workshops at select WPT® Events.

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Championship Habits Aspire Masterful Poker

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